perito embroidery software

image conversion - lettering - advanced editing - patterns & textures
advanced outlines - digitising
- cross stitch



Convert Clipart and other images into finished embroidery designs with just a few mouse clicks! You have full control over stitching direction and can even edit the design after it has been converted.





This plug-in offers over 200, fully editable stitch patterns together with a wide range of background textures so that you can visualise your designs against a fabric. Open up a world of decorative possibility!





30 more high quality Satin fonts are instantly added to your Perito Modulo system with this plug-in. You also gain both line and arc input with full control over spacing, justification etc. In addition, distort tools allow you to fit any lettering to your own shapes.




With a comprehensive range of tools, this plug-in gives you complete control over the stitches of any design. You can work with individual or groups of stitches and manipulate them in a wide variety of ways. Move, delete, add, insert, even split. Take your design editing to the next level.





A wide variety of useful pre-set shapes that can be scaled, distorted and stretched to any dimension. Automatic Satin borders can also be added instantly to any of the available shapes.





Manual digitising tools put you in complete control of producing your own original designs from even the poorest artwork. Point editing and Auto Reflect features help guarantee you get the best results quickly and easily.




This plug-in allows you to automatically convert images into cross stitch embroidery with just a few mouse clicks. Alternatively, you can take complete, hands-on control and specify which parts of the image you want to convert into cross-stitch - the choice is yours.


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